What is club volleyball?

Club Volleyball, is a program that offers athletes the opportunity to train and play volleyball beyond the
normal school season.
Club volleyball is not associated with any school or college, but is made up of teams from different
schools that play in scheduled tournaments.
Club Volleyball is an avenue for players to receive advanced training and competition in local settings.

Why play club volleyball?

Talented coaches
Practice sessions and tournaments help improve player skill
Purposeful friendships
Wide ranging competition

When is the club season and how long does it last?

Practices start January 7 th , 2018 and are every Sunday for two hours (except Easter Sunday)
The season concludes in April or early May.
Starting in mid Feb, teams have optional open gym practice sessions once a week

How many tournaments will there be and how far away?

Teams participate in six tournaments throughout the course of the season.
Tournaments are generally on Sunday, with an occasional one or two on a Saturday
Tournaments are normally one day long
Tournaments are located within one hour of Pandora Gilboa High School

How are teams made?

Teams are formed based on the results of tryouts. Player’s tryout for a spot in their age group and teams
are formed according to positions.
There are generally two to three teams per age group
Only three players from the same school can be on the same team in grades 7 on up

How much does it cost?

PGVBC fee is $600 and is paid on meet the team/jersey try on night on December 10
Payment plan options are available